Another Plague In The Form Of Personal Injury Lawyers

It is possible for you to collect and recall several digits if you have been exposed to a number of numbers in your life. It is in the United States where the federal debt is $8 trillion and $28,000 is the average for every family in America. This is actually frightening. This is nothing compared to another number. More than a million lawyers have been able to pass the bar in the United States.

No civilization has ever had to endure a million lawyers. Too many are the million lawyers that we may not be able to endure. In our society, the lack of lawyers could also become a problem. Patent lawyers, contract lawyers, prosecuting attorneys, Minneapolis child injury lawyer, corporate lawyers, and defense attorneys are all important for the society. In terms of how much they serve society, in a class by themselves are the personal injury lawyers and class action lawyers.

Bringing punishment for the sins they make is God and this is according to people who are religious. A terrible flood was sent by God thousands of years ago wherein the only survivors were Noah and a chosen few. Resulting from keeping the Jews in bondage was God sending seven plagues upon Egypt. Killing nearly half the population of Europe in the Middle Ages was the black plague. For the United States, the punishment that is worse than any other biblical flood or plague comes with personal injury lawyers.

When it comes to personal injury lawyers, their forte is of course injuries. Hoping for some well deserved rest and relaxation time, a man called BC went to the city of Brooklyn for example. In the pursuit of his R&R BC was hit on the head by a dancer and he described what struck him as an intensely massive pair of boobs. When it comes to the impact from these, there were bruises, lacerations, and contusions, BC’s lawyer has requested $200,000 to compensate BC for emotional stress, mental anguish and indignity. Being hit with 57 inch bosoms may have been the cause for the emotional stress and mental anguish of BC.

When a Canadian was visiting New York City, he decided to enjoy a cup of coffee at a very popular coffee house in Manhattan. Another thing he did was use the toilet there. He was sitting on the throne when he reached for the toilet paper. This man endured much suffering and pain when his efforts led to the seat shifting and pinning his manhood against the toilet bowl. There is a lawsuit for his injury that demands a million dollars in compensation and the wife is also suing them for the loss of his marital services amounting to $500,000. In this case it is interesting to see how much less the value sees the worth of his manhood to be.

There is nothing new in today’s society where people do not admit to their faults. For example, one man from of Pensacola, Fla, spent the night drinking with his friends. There were a lot of people there and they had plenty to drink and this man wandered off to some railroad tracks where he passed out in the wee hours of the night.

Shortly thereafter, a train passed by and he suddenly became a left hander. Is it terrible? Suing the railroad for negligent behavior, the man justified that he was sleeping on the tracks when they let a train pass. He managed to get $900,000.

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