Attorney’s Fees in Family Law Cases – How do I get someone to pay for my divorce?

When people are getting a divorce there are so many heated emotions but none more so than money.

When I see a new client one of the first things we talk about is money. How much they get or how much the former spouse can take away from them. Then we talk about my fees. Inevitably the question is – “can’t the other side pay for it?” Like all things legal, the answer is “it depends”.

When you file for divorce or you answer a divorce petition, you can and should always ask for attorney fees. You can ask for them in child support, child custody, and paternity cases too. The only family law case where you will not be awarded attorney fees is in a domestic violence injunctions.

Whether or not you are actually awarded attorney fees and in what amount entirely depends on the other party’s ability to pay, your circumstances, and the judge.

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