Negotiating Insurance Settlement in a Personal Injury Case

When you have a personal injury claim, whether you were involved in a car accident or on the receiving end of a medical malpractice, after submitting a demand letter to the insurance company, it is time to negotiate.

If you have handed over a well-prepared demand letter along with the proper supporting files and documents needed to an insurance company, the negotiation process of your claim will most likely consist of no more than some phone calls with an insurance adjuster.

This article will briefly explain how claim negotiations usually work. It will also provide you with several suggestions to aid you in succeeding in the different stages of the process.

Negotiation Process: How it Works

During your first call with the adjuster, both of you will each establish your points regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your personal injury claim. The adjuster will then offer you to make a claim settlement for a figure that is lower than what you asked for in your demand letter. You will counteract with an amount that is higher than the offer of the adjuster but lower compared to the amount you initially stated. Usually, after about two or three phone calls, you will have an agreement on a settlement amount somewhere in between.

Negotiation Process: What to Do?

Have a Settlement Figure in Mind

As a part of the preparation of your demand letter, you should have already determined what you think your personal injury claim is worth. Within this range, you should make a decision about a minimum settlement amount that you will accept before speaking to an insurance adjuster about your demand letter. This amount is for your own personal information so that you can bear your bottom line in mind when you are under the pressures of the negotiation process. This information of yours should not be revealed to the insurance adjuster.

However, you do not have to hold on to that amount that you have set for yourself. If an insurance adjuster indicates some details that you did not consider but that evidently makes your claim weaker, you might have to lower your amount a bit. In addition, if the adjuster begins to offer you a settlement similar or almost the same as your minimum, you might want to change your amount upward.

Do not Jump on the First Offer

When the adjuster makes you a first offer, do not immediately jump at it as it may be so low that it is merely a scheme to check if you understand what you are doing. Or, it might be a reasonable offer but it is too low.

If the first offer is reasonable enough, you can counteract immediately that is a bit lower compared to the figure in your demand letter. This will show the insurance adjuster that you are also being reasonable and are eager to cooperate. A bit more negotiating should get you to a settlement figure that you both think is reasonable and fair.

Get the Insurance Adjuster to justify a Low Offer

If an insurance adjuster makes you a first offer that is so low that it is clearly a mere negotiating scheme to check if you really know what your claim is worth, do not lower the figure you stated in your demand letter immediately. You should instead ask the adjuster to provide you exact reasons why the offer is low. Take down notes of what he/she tells you. You should then write a short letter answering to each of the reasons the adjuster has said.

Personal Injury Lawyer in California

To fully understand all the matters concerning the settlement of your personal injury claim with insurance companies, it is best to seek legal assistance from a competent lawyer.

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Hire an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer to Help Prop Up the Worth of Your Claims

car accident lawsuitsEver experienced a car accident and suffered injuries as a result? All injured parties, from drivers and passengers to pedestrians, can claim reparations for losses from everything from property to medical bills. Sound legal advice can be sought from motor accident lawyers, experts in the field of road accident cases. 

Collecting reparation for road accidents can be hard, particularly when it involves serious injury or vehicle damage. Hiring a reputable attorney can get you out of the mess. From representation to case assessment and evidence accumulation, these lawyers can point you in the right direction.

But getting a good attorney is easier said than done. Some unprincipled attorneys strive only for their own gain and not for the rights of their clients. The following hints will lead you to the right lawyer.

Non-negotiable requirements are education, license, and certification. In addition to attaining a degree in law and passing the state bar exam, motor accident lawyers must also show that they passed the Multistate Bar Examination, Multistate Essay Examination, and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. Most are members of professional organizations, and be sure to verify with the organization the candidate’s membership, education, standing and case handling experience. 

It is also recommended that you ask about his expertise and experience in motor accidents. If it does, tell him to share his experiences and their outcomes. Everyone wants to win a case, and the best lawyer is the one who has proven winnings.

Experience in court is another matter. Auto accident lawsuits are unnecessary in most cases. Lawsuits should be no big deal for your lawyer.

It is also important to talk about the lawyer’s preferred mode of payment. These days lawyers just ask for a percentage of the winnings, which is called contingency payment. Thus, the lawyer and the client both get nothing for a failed claim.

You should look into other fees that you have to pay. Regular meetings may constitute a part of these added charges. You can approximate the cost of pursuing an auto accident claim with these details.

The most important consideration in choosing the right attorney is that you are able to build a good working relationship with him/her. The lawyer should be the half of the team that sticks up for his partner. Keeping the lines of communication open is a big factor.

Top-rated auto accident lawyers near you are available at all costs. You would be granted less in reparations than you would if you hired a motor accident lawyer to represent you. Your lawyer is there to remove accident aftermath burdens, freeing you to recuperate physically, emotionally and financially.