Drunk Driving Accidents in Texas El Paso Car Accident Lawyer

A drunk driving accident in Texas kills in excess of 1500 Texans every year. 90,000 motor vehicle drivers are cited for a DWI (driving while intoxicated – also referred to as DUI or driving under the influence). Driving after a person has consumed alcohol is an extremely clear form of driver negligence and those drivers that take to the road and cause an accident may be facing criminal charges as well as a civil lawsuit where punitive damages may be awarded. If a loved one was killed because of a drunk driver, or if you sustained injuries at the hands of an intoxicated motor vehicle operator, immediately seek the advice of an El Paso car accident lawyer.

Major awareness campaigns are underway in the school systems to educate American youth on the dangers of drug and alcohol use and driving, but so far it seems to have had little effect on the death toll. The physical, financial and complete emotional devastation that can accompany these accidents can negatively impact a family for years. It is important they work with a highly skilled and experienced El Paso car accident lawyer to ensure the drunk driver is taken off the road and that they receive fair financial compensation to deal with enormous losses and lifestyle changes.

Your car accident attorney will conduct a systematic investigation of your accident in an attempt to uncover all evidence in your favor and to identify every potential liable party. This might include the person who purchased the alcohol the driver consumed if they were under legal drinking age, the employer of the drunk driver if he or she was performing a job related task while driving, and far more. They will work with expert witnesses, experts in recreating accident scenes, economists to help determine the future costs that will be associated with the accident and injuries, medical experts and more. Your El Paso car accident lawyer has access to a wide variety of outstanding resources to help you build an airtight case.

In a civil court claim involving drunk driving accidents, it is likely the victim qualifies for additional financial compensation in the form of punitive damages. These damage awards are not in any way related to financial losses a victim has incurred because of the accident like medical costs, lost wages, and property damage.

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