DUI on a Bicycle – Seriously?

An often joked about fact of DUI law is that you can get a DUI on a bicycle. Although it doesn’t happen very often it can. How one gets stopped on a bicycle, is beyond me. A common way for the police to harass people is to stop them for not having a light on their bicycle at night. Perhaps then the cop smells alcohol, it’s a slow night for him, and he arrests the person for DUI. DUI arrests take a police officer about 3- 4 hours. They have to give field sobriety test, ask a slew of questions, take the person to a breath test facility, wait 20 minutes, then give two tests – after all of that, there’s paperwork, then transport to the jail and then they have to book them into the jail. Seems like alot of work for a drunk on a bike. Sometimes it causes accident, contact a Cypress truck accident attorney if such thing happen.

What are the criminal sanctions for a Bicycle DUI?  Believe it or not – the same as for a DUI in a car.  Pursuant to the Florida Statutes, a judge MUST revoke a persons driving privilege for six months, when they are found guilty of DUI in ANY VEHICLE. Florida law defines a bicycle as a vehicle.

I suppose this applies to riding a tractor, go cart, scooter, etc. It’s got to be really slow out there for the police.

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