Florida Divorce – Equitable Distribution

The recent public break-up of Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Maria Shriver raised some interesting questions about what spouses are entitled to at the time of divorce. Media sources stated that under California law, because the celebrity couple had been married since 1986, Ms. Shriver would be entitled to half of the marital estate under California’s “equitable distribution” principles. Those same sources speculated that the former Terminator star’s net worth to hover around $100 million.

Similar to the marital laws in California, Florida also has an equitable distribution scheme which provides that spouses are entitled to divvy up what they earned while married. Now, it’s easy to confuse equitable with “equal,” but that is not necessarily the case–“equitable” more closely means “what is most fair”. Often a husband or a wife who was primarily a homemaker during the marital relationship will feel as though they are not entitled to anything. WRONG!!! Courts view any kind of labor, even labor that primarily focused on maintaining the household, like childcare, doing the dishes, or paying the bills, as equal in value as going out and earning a living. Florida law also provides for spousal support and alimony. King Law can give you all the answer you need.

If you are facing the possibility of divorce, it is important to educate yourself. If you are served with a divorce petition by your spouse, be aware that you have to file a response within a certain time frame. What often happens is the spouse who files the divorce tries to convince the other that they don’t need a lawyer or that they just need to sign a piece of paper and the lawyer will take care of it. This is horrible advice. You likely are signing away your rights to significant amounts of money. Understand that the lawyer your soon-to-be former spouse is not looking out for your best interest, but your ex’s. Don’t let this happen! Eric Ratinoff Law Corp would be more than happy to help guide you through the maze of law and help you protect what is rightfully yours.

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