How To Settle An Auto Accident Injury Claim Without Hiring A Car Accident Lawyers PA?

If you need to settle your car accident injury claim with your insurance company and have still not hired a professional car accident lawyer, then you may be thinking of negotiating with the insurance company by yourself. Uncertainly, professional and well experienced car accident lawyers PA take some percentage of the final amount of settlement and give rest left amount into the clients. So, in order to save that portion of money, you can negotiate directly with the insurance company and try to make a settlement without hiring any professional car accident lawyers PA.

Remember that it may be possible that you get more money in a settlement with the insurance company, then what you may get after giving some percentage of the settlement amount to the lawyer as his fee. Here are a few instructions that can help you in settling your car accident claim without hiring a lawyer.

Research over the internet about the time period during which you need to file a claim for the personal injury in your state as this every state has its own time limitations during which an injured person need to file a lawsuit. Generally, in such cases, the time period starts from the day of injury and expires in successive four years depending on where you are located.

Ask the doctor who has treated your injuries for the copy of medical records, treatments, medication and hospital. If you are unable to get the copy of the medical expenses, then you can collect the copies of the invoice of all the expenses.

Send a request letter to police officer present at the location of the accident for sending a copy of the accident report, pictures along with their statements.

Get the copy of pay remains from your office that you have not received because of missing time from work due to the car accident.

Collect the copy of documents that confirm the damages of your car because of the accident. It can be repaired bills, insurance estimates, etc. Also, get copies of pictures showing your damaged car.

Make sure to get copies of all other expenses you have suffered due to the accident. For example, you have hired a nurse to take care of your health when you were injured and lying on the bed. Calculate your expenses your doctor visits.

Write a letter to the insurance company and attach copies of all the records you could manage to collect till date. Ask for the reimbursement of all the expenses plus a multiple of at least three to five times.

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