Pinellas Domestic Battery with Sex Toy

Last Wednesday the Treasure Island police arrested a woman for domestic battery.  That’s not the strangest part, because plenty of women are arrested for domestic battery, whether they are the aggressor or not.

This woman was arrested for “poking” her live in boyfriend with a sex toy.   According to the St. Petersburg Times article from Saturday, July 11, 2009; there was no allegation of injury or real threat of violence.  I guess, technically speaking, “poking” is a battery, which is any unwanted touching. But was this touching unwanted?  With a sex toy?

Apparently, he was the one who called the police.  And they arrested her.  Must of have been a slow night in the Treasure Island Police Department.  If this arrest isn’t a cry for why that agency needs to be consolidated into Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, I’m not sure what is.

What this arrest shows is how “seriously” the police take domestic battery complaints.  Especially if someone is drunk.  In most instances, if the police are called to a domestic battery incident, someone gets arrested.   Especially if someone is drunk. So unless you are the victim of a crime or in fear for you safety, don’t call the police.  Their job isn’t to monitor your sex life.

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