What You Should Know About Personal Injury Mills

Being involved in any type of accident that leads to a personal injury can be a detrimental experience. It is often the case that an injured person will have to deal with a negligent party’s insurance company for weeks on end and may even have to hire an attorney to secure fair compensation. Unfortunately, many people believe that a legal advertisement on television must equate to a good lawyer, but this is simply not the case. Many of these ‘law firms’ are simply what have become known as ‘personal injury mills’. It is imperative for anybody who has been injured in an accident to be able to recognize these mills and avoid them at all costs.

What is a Personal Injury Mill?

As previously mentioned, the legal commercials shown on late night television are often advertising personal injury mills, but this doesn’t fully describe what they do. According to one of our Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer, most legitimate law firms will only accept cases that they feel they have an honest shot at winning were the case to go to trial. This is not a bad thing due to the fact that experienced lawyers know the chances of a plaintiff being successful, and not taking on these cases saves the law firm and the individual time and money.

Personal injury mills, on the other hand, will take on just about any case that comes across their desk. These mills don’t really put much thought into whether a case can be won or not in a court of law. They simply take on the case and try to settle with an insurance company as quickly as possible. This means that they rarely take into account a person’s individual pain and suffering, and this usually leads to a quick settlement that only covers medical costs and property reimbursement. This may be acceptable in some cases, but hiring a personal injury mill is never a good idea, even in cases where injuries are minor.

Why Avoid Personal Injury Mills

There are several reasons to avoid personal injury mills. The first reason was alluded to a bit earlier, and it is the fact that these mills will try to settle cases as quickly as possible with no thought towards pain and suffering or other related costs. This may lead to a settlement that will barely cover medical and property expenses, and this also means that substantial pain and even future medical expenses could go uncompensated. Settling a case too quickly often leaves people with the sad realization that their injury will affect them their whole life, and a quick personal injury mill settlement hardly ever takes these future costs into account.

Personal injury mills could also possibly leave a person without a lawyer altogether. Insurance companies know how these mills work, so they will often offer low settlements or deny claims altogether knowing that the mill will not take a case to trial. When this occurs, these dishonest law firms will usually pawn their ‘client’ off on another personal injury lawyer who may very likely just drop the case altogether if they do not think it’s worth their time. Since personal injury claims all have a statute of limitations, this long unproductive process can be very detrimental to a person’s case.

Personal injury mills are a detriment to the legal profession and victims who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another party. It may seem quick and easy to call an 800 number for a lawyer that is advertised during The Late Show, but the outcome of cases taken on by these ‘law firms’ is likely to not be anywhere close to fair. Accident victims who hire these firms are likely to be brushed off if their case isn’t going as smoothly as possible and will likely end up with a settlement that may not even cover all of their injury related costs. This is why it is imperative to seek a professional attorney rather than a dime-a-dozen personal injury mill.

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